At most companies, Christmas parties, meals and drinks start this week.

And in the spirit of Christmas, who wouldn’t go along and have some fun?

However, most if not all of you, fully understand the implications of such festivities.

Endless mince pies, Christmas cookies at the office, enormous seven-course dinners, too many mugs of mulled wine, way too many pints and the list goes on.

By the time real Christmas comes, you’ve already put on some weight, stopped working out for a few weeks, and feel bloated and tired.

So How Can You Minimise The Impact On Your Body?

A few months ago I published an article on how to survive the boozy City lifestyle (click here).

And once again, the advice here is not to do the impossible and avoid any Christmas celebrations.

Instead follow these simple tips to cruise through the pre-Christmas period without wrecking your body to the point of no return.

Count Your Sugar

Lots of Christmas foods and drinks are loaded with sugar.

So enjoy them in moderation and cut down on sugar outside of your parties and dinners.

If you’re out drinking, instead of having that extra mug of mulled wine, consider having something less sugary, or even add something non-alcoholic.

Stay Hydrated

Water is absolutely essential during this period.

Excess sugar, alcohol and other toxins consumed means that your body will need a lot more water to process and filter them out.

Make sure you’re drinking regularly during the day to stay hydrated.

Stay Active

As soon as you’re feeling able to, get active the day after.

Doing so will get your body’s gears going again and will help you recover better and quicker.

You also won’t have to face any extreme damage in January.


Christmas is a time for celebrations, and you definitely deserve celebrating with your colleagues and friends.

Stick to these tips and have a great Christmas!