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 “Vlad’s writing is like his training. Succinct. Focussed. Motivational. I heartily recommend both.”
Jason Starr,
CEO at Dillistone Group Plc

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stars-5  “Really impressive. Well constructed and cogently argued case for connecting personal drivers to body respect.”
Perry Noble,
Partner at Hermes Infrastructure

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4 Important Things You'll Read About

  • 1. FOCUS - You might not realise this, but the most important reason people don't achieve their fitness goals in The City is their loss of focus. In this book you'll find out how to not only keep your focus but to reach the peak performance and excel in your business.
  • 2. MINDSET - Understand the value of your body from the perspective of your core values. Whether it's your business, family, personal goals or anything else, your body is a crucial ingredient to your success.
  • 3. RESULTS - Conventional ways of training won't work in The City. If you want great results you need to adapt. Leverage the way your body works and get into a great shape despite your busy agenda.
  • 4. THE CITY - Don't work against your lifestyle, work with it. There's a way to enjoy client entertainment and business drinks and still be in the shape most men only dream of.

stars-5“If you don’t feel like running to the gym to work out after reading this book, I don’t know what will.”
Eric Bayle,
Head of Payments & Cash Management at Societe Generale

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