It’s incredibly important to acknowledge that drinking is a lot of times a part of doing business in The City.

It simply is.

But your body is incredibly important and so it’s absolutely crucial you take great care of it.

Which is why it’s in your interest to minimize the impact of alcohol when you’re out.

So lets’ get into it. Here are 3 tips to minimize the damage of alcohol on your body.

Tip #1 – Drink Less

Have a couple of pints instead of 6. Or 2 glasses of wine instead of 2 bottles.

You might think it might create an awkward social situation but the truth is that in most cases the people you’re out with don’t really care as long as they’ve got some alcohol in their glass.

They care about their pint, they’re shots and they’re mood and if you’re socially savvy it will have zero influence on your time out.

So you can develop professional relationships, you can have fun at the same time and you don’t need to wreck your body every time you do it.

Tip #2 – Adjust Your Food

Control your energy intake that usually gets tipped over the maintenance level when you drink.

If you drink 3 pints or a bottle of wine during your dinner you’ll consume about 800 calories extra just from the alcohol.

Make sure you count it in.

Because if you get into the energy surplus, you’ll store the extra energy as fat.

So on the day you drink eat clean and lower energy meals creating space for calories coming from alcohol.

And when it all adds up, you’ll still end up around your maintenance level.

Stay away from crisps, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, white bread sandwiches and anything high on sugar and instead focus on good quality protein with a lot of greens and veg.

Plus increase your energy maintenance level by having a proper workout.

Tip #3 – If You Ignore #1 & #2

When you do drink and do damage to your body make sure you hydrate yourself properly before, during and after drinking and get some extra vitamin B so you can still train properly.

Vitamin B is will help you recover more quickly from dehydration and restore vitamins your liver needs to break down the alcohol after your drinks.

So it’s all about getting back to normal quicker so you can keep working on your body with minimizing the aftermath of drinking.


These 3 pieces of advice that can help you offset all the alcohol you’re likely to drink in the city for whatever reason.

Bear them in mind when you next do your client entertainment so you can still focus on your body as much as you can despite your city lifestyle.

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