While most of us do value our body, not everyone acts like that.

There are people that don’t care enough, people that care only sometimes and there are people that truly care.

But typically, only 1% will improve.

And although I want you to be in that 1%, let’s see what happens if you’re not.

Why people don’t train

Initially, I was going to write an article about why people DO train.

That’s what makes the most sense to me.

I’ve now written a number of articles explaining how training not only changes your body composition, strength, fitness and health but also your mental performance, social circle, emotional health and even your bank account.

But let’s turn the table and see why you wouldn’t make the effort to train and give it your best.

And I’ll make an assumption that you do care about your body but you’re just not into it as much as you should and love to.

And if I’m wrong, perhaps you’ll help me in the comments section below.

So first I hear a lot of people are busy, don’t have time, travel a lot, commute, are tired from work, need to have drinks, eat badly or party too much and so they either can’t access or are missing some resources.

Then you have things like procrastination, laziness, unwillingness to work hard, resistance against training, shyness, lack of motivation and other attitude problems.

Next you have people that give it their best shot but will never change anything because they don’t really know what they’re doing.

And lastly you’ve got some people that just won’t do it for the lack of understanding or because they don’t know what they’re missing as they’ve never experienced full health, fitness and strength.

They’re simply missing a reference point, set of goals and the big vision.

And you might fall into one or more of those categories.

You might not be training or pushing hard because of one or more of those above.

But I’m not here to shame you.

I want to show you what happens if you don’t change it.

What happens if you don’t train

Obviously the consequences are not going to be the same for you as with some other people.

We’re in The City.

So the demand on your body is higher and the social and business interruption to your life is happening on a larger scale.

If you drink regularly while networking and don’t train, you’re not going to be in a good shape.

If you’re eating badly your health and body composition will suffer.

If you don’t train properly your hormonal system will not be stimulated and so your hunger for life will suffer.

If you’re not taking great care of your body, your ability to focus will suffer.

Your mental state, hormonal system, cardiovascular health, confidence, self-image, posture, energy levels, they will all suffer.

How do you want to close a deal with no confidence?

How do you want to get the job done if you’re not focused enough?

Push long working days when you’re sick regularly?

Attract superstars into your life if you’re settling for less than you can be?

Like attracts like.

If you want the good things in life for yourself you need to work to become the person that can have those things.

And your body has a lot to say about that.


Most people are not 100% happy with their body.

And when you’re not, it’s not just your body but other things as well that come up short.

But you can change it.

So if you haven’t been training properly lately, get right into it.

Here’s an article that will help you.