As we’re approaching the end of September you might have revisited the gym already or you’re just about to after the summer.

The reality is that year after year the number of people visiting the gym this month is the third highest after January and February.

At least that’s how it works in The City.

It follows the same pattern as the first two months.

Good times off during the holidays, time to reflect and have fun, make new plans and then refocus again. Coming back to executing your master plan and being focused enough to work on your body as well.

In this post we’re going to cover what you should do if you want to refocus on your body and build the momentum from scratch so you can get into it smoothly and fast track your way to quality results.

So if you haven’t done too much work in the gym during the summer or haven’t made any progress this post is for you!

And by the end of it, you’ll have the plan for the first 2 weeks back in the gym, without over-killing it.


Give yourself a light start.

The point of the first week or two is to get ready for the actual training.

Not to lose the extra weight you put on over the years.

So give yourself a week or two to build a habit, get used to working out, adjust your workout length, the weights and also your effort.

Don’t push yourself to extremes.

Your body needs to adjust first and your muscle need to activate so you avoid injuries and imbalanced muscle recruitment.

Even world class athletes always adjust.

Your body is not designed to go from 0 to 100 without lots of pain after.

You need to work with your body, not damage it.

So depending on your goals, start with some circuit training and a bit of cardio.

They will be the best for the first week unless you’re training for a marathon, triathlon or any performance based event.

Use basic compound movements, focus on muscle activation and keep your sessions fresh.

Get your heart rate up with some cardio at the end and finish of with a gentle stretch.

Also remember to do some planning.

Think how you’ll get your results once you’re ready.

What workouts you’ll do, what food you’ll eat, how you’ll make sure you’re consistent and how you’ll stay accountable.

Especially when you know you’re travelling in the next couple of months, have a lot of business to deal with, social life, commute or anything else you do on a daily basis.

It’s not easy to but it’s possible. Our clients do it and their results are consistent.

Only takes a few right ideas.

So ease into the first week or two and prepare.

Once this preparation is over, you’ll be able to get into it and lose a bit of weight, loose the beer belly, get stronger, fitter and more defined.

Before that happens, make sure you’re in the right place.

If you prefer following a program for this first 7 days, here’s one for you FREE:


First of all, if you work or live around Aldgate, Aldgate East or Tower Hill station make sure you read

Don’t Miss These Fantastic Places To Eat Fit Around Aldgate East

We’ve created this great article to help you make better choices with food when you’re eating out in the area.

And it’s pretty surprising how easy it is to get healthy food around.

Walking distance from where you are right now.

Or delivered if you’re too busy and can’t leave your desk at all.

Plus, it doesn’t take any extra effort to get something healthy because you have to get something anyway.

So start with the article above.

The greatest thing is that not only those places offer fresh and healthy food but it’s tasty as well.

And that covers at least one or two meals per day.

Everything else you’ve got full control over.

You can buy, cook or order literally anything.

Your meals don’t need to be strict yet but it’s a great opportunity for you to gradually adjust again.

Get some nice nutrient rich meals, reduce the things that are filling but not optimal for your body and enjoy your meals.

If you’re snacking on chocolate or crisps then get some nuts instead and if you’re not snacking at all then perhaps add the same too.

Fresh nutrient-dense food will not only benefit your body but you’ll also be able to mentally focus more as well.

And you’ll notice it in a matter of days.

So start eating healthier, don’t get too strict and keep the end outcome on your mind.


You probably know what they are.

Something like: get fitter, get your waist leaner, look better, feel stronger, fix the back pain or improve mobility.

So as simple as it sounds, take this first week and decide on some real measurable goals you can chase in Q4.

If you don’t set them, you’re likely to make no progress.

And so you’ll join the crowd but won’t sort what you want, which comes with a price.

Remember we’ve all got our reasons for working on our body no matter how simple or deep they are.

So keep them in mind and stay focused.

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