In my last article, I touched on Christmas parties.

But for most people, the weeks leading up to the big year end often also mean endless meetings, phone calls, deadlines and only catching the odd glimpse of daylight.

And for most, these all lead to some outstanding year end results in their teams, companies or businesses.

And, obviously, nice bonuses for you, making all those long, hard hours worth it.

But let’s look at the year end from your fitness and health perspective.

Drawing The Picture

Working 60-70 hours a week may sound completely normal and acceptable to you.

But do you spend at least 3 hours a week on your fitness and health?

A typical private health check costs around £200.

Gym memberships usually cost around £50 – £150.

Eating healthily costs you the same as eating unhealthily.

So clearly, access and cost are not the excuse.

And with so much information and resources available to everyone there is literally no barrier to you taking great care of yourself.

So How Do You Measure?

How much progress have you really made with your body this year?

Would you say you’re looking and feeling better or is it the other way around?

What are the numbers saying? Your bodyweight, sick days, number of stairs you take before getting out of breath?

Any visits to the physio for back pain, neck pain or joint problems?

Any other injuries or stress related problems?

And how does your fitness and health progress this year compare to your year end results at work or business?

Your Health Is Your Most Valuable Asset

I hope you’re able to answer all this questions positively.

Great fitness, heath and progress with your body usually leads to top performance in other areas of life as well.

So if you can, I’m sure you’ve had a fantastic year.

But most people can’t answer those questions with enthusiasm and rather fall behind.

And while there are commitments and expectations that will always be there when it comes to running or working for a successful company, and while you’re hopefully looking proudly at the year end financial report these days, I want you to be looking proudly at your year end medical, fitness and health report as well.

So before 2017 comes, take some time to plan for every week next year to focus on your health, in whatever way that suits your lifestyle.