When the Chinese economy numbers came out in 2015, the markets were shaken.

And so was one of my client’s Andrew’s life.

Having just helped him to get into an amazing shape for his wedding, things were about to change, and drastically…

Especially as he’s in commodities financing.

Where the business became mission insanity.

And after a few weeks I could see how things started changing.

He’d fly out more often, stay longer in the office, see his wife less than he wanted and started putting a bit of weight on.

He was clearly not having the best time of his life and he knew it.

Worse yet, he knew it wasn’t going to pass that quick.

And so whenever we trained, I’d see him more stressed and admitting to compromising on his personal goals while drinking more than a few months before.

To dull the lonely, boring nights when he travelled…

To get through the times he couldn’t properly see his wife outside of weekends or the odd night hours.

And our training, along with his wife, friends and golf were the only few things pulling him through.

So I had to make sure it would stay like that…

And he wouldn’t lose the fruits of his previous work.

Because I knew it mattered to him… and so it mattered to me, if not even more.

Especially as just a few years before, I could have made the same decision.

But instead I took the road unexplored and decided not to join the corporate world.

Which as you’ll see got me in a similar situation anyway.

But Andrew’s Story Is Not The Only One

While Andrew was fighting the commodities market,

Federico, Alvaro and Sayan were fighting the ever more competitive M&A market.

Working 16 hour days and having to work out late after work just not to get out of shape and lose their health completely.

Glyn, James and Peter were working out hard to get into shape so they could be an inspiration to their kids.

Play tennis, football, go for a bike ride or play sports. Be there for their kids without aches and limitations.

Stu, Rob and others were still dating, building themselves and building their future.

Imagine how much confidence plays into the dating world, business world, life decisions.

Imagine not having enough confidence to approach your partner…

Imagine losing a deal that could be a life changer..

Imagine not having enough confidence to go after what you want.

Feeling embarrassed with your shirt off..

Displaying your gut on the beach when you’re with friends…

And even if you’re further in life:

Imagine not being able to keep up with your kids,

Or not being able to create great memories with your family and friends…

These are tough things to think about, but we all come with a set of never closing loops of little doubts.

And it’s not easy to close them.

While everyone’s goals and motivations might be different, we all face similar challenges.

Especially in The City

Is it easy to train and eat well consistently when you’re constantly out of time?


Is it easy to keep your focus when there are mental demands all around you?


Is it easy to keep your perspective when you’re constantly stressed?


But can it be done?


And I’ve seen it many time with my clients.

I’ve seen their willingness and I’ve seen their drive.

I’ve seen them abandon their pain points and turn their body around to achieve phenomenal body transformations.

And their moments of satisfaction when they knew they were doing well, made me feel I’m in the right business.

But unfortunately, it didn’t stop me from experiencing the same…

And I’m saying unfortunately because I never thought I’d get myself in a similar position.

And Yet I Did

In March 2015, roughly 10 months of me being in The City, I found myself slightly out of shape

Which was a bit ironic…

I had built a whole business on helping people getting fit and healthy yet my own body and health were now showing signs of weariness.

I might have not joined the corporate world but I was hustling hard.

I’d been working 16 hour days, lost track of my nutrition, pumped my energy through sugar, ran my life on caffeine…

And thinking about it again, it probably happened to teach me a lesson…

But I felt devastated regardless…

Even though I knew how to take care of my body I somehow slipped…

And I could clearly see how these 10 months can turn into a few years, if not decades …

So to cut the long story short,

I’ve turned it around but promised never to fall behind again.

And since then, I’m very aware of what my clients go through.

The chains of business and life ambitions put me into a productive place but also put my health onto a slippery slope.

And through this experience and through watching people around me I’ve developed a clear philosophy in life:

Do as much business as you can, hustle hard and make a lot of money.

All the desires you’ve got in your life and all the things you want to do and experience are going to cost you something..

Have an extensive social circle…

as people are what makes your life worthwhile.

If it means going out and spending loads of time with them,

it will not be a roadblock to what you want.

Play hard, have fun, have the experiences, travel the world and go crazy

because life is short and you only ever regret things you’ve never done.

But hey, doing all of this, make sure you’re taking great care of your body.

Your body is one of the most important things you’ve got

And it can either make or break you.

There’s more to working on your body than just its appearance, fitness and functionality.

It influences everything you do and it influences you on a very deep level

So taking great care of it is not a choice.

It’s a necessity.

If you like my philosophy I’d love for you to have a copy of my book.

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