So it’s been a busy month in the gym and people are on it as usual…

Chasing their goals, which is great!

But next week might be their last week making any effort that counts.

And after that …

All intention, ambition and all the work from the first 3 weeks of the year will all be undone…

The UK fitness industry will boost its yearly revenue by £350 million from unused memberships…

Fights for space in the locker rooms will stop…

Dry January will be over…

And it will all go back to normal.

All the intentions of so many people will be replaced by their autopilot again..

Wasting Windows Of Opportunity

If you’re busy in The City you will realise there are very few windows of opportunity to do something you want to do with your life.

And these windows only open every now and then…

When you have enough time to stop and come to some realisations, like during Christmas..

So in this case when you realise you don’t like your current body enough..

And the state you’re in at the moment hurts…

You decide to take action and join the gym again.

And up to this point, it’s all applaudable.


The 3-week rule when establishing new habits doesn’t apply here.

Because even though you are coming to the gym regularly for the first 3 weeks..

Your mind is gradually falling out of it.

And so is your clarity on why you’re there…

… your perspective on how it fits everything else in your life …

… and lastly also your focus.

Your meeting will get in the way of a workout.

Someone’s birthday party is on Thursday so you’re suddenly out all weekend.

Something comes up at home..

“And thank you very much. See you next year!”

And that doesn’t give you any progress…

So as a result you’ll still be trying to avoid getting a heart attack when walking up the stairs,

the clothes hanging in your wardrobe you wanted to fit back into will stay there untouched

And you’ll happily have another pint to forget you’ve failed again..

So Here Is What You Need To Do

The reason why people leave the gym at the end of January is …

They have no accountability structure in place.

The only thing they might do is step on the scales once a week and that’s it.

And that’s not how it works..

And not how you get your results..

Definitely not how you remove whatever has been bothering you and make a lasting and sustainable change.

So if your intention to make that change for your body this year is still right with you.

I want to put my bulletproof accountability structure in place for you so you can finally get the body you know deep down you can have.

And although I’ve never done it in any of my previous articles ever and I’ll probably not do it again either, that is my offer for you.

Book yourself a complimentary body transformation session with me here right now and I’ll promise you you’ll never look back.

See you around!