Assuming you’d be automatically massively successful with your goals if you had the best workout programs, the best food advice and all the support available is not 100% right. Not in The City. It takes a little more than that.

Jason is a CEO of a publicly traded company.

Which means his ability has never been the problem.

Yet he only makes massive progress after changing 3 PTs and finally joining Sets In The City.

What’s the difference then?

What has made him work out regularly, push himself really hard, be disciplined with his food and do it every single day for a month, two or more?

What’s going on in his mind?

This article is about an unbelievable body transformation in The City to prove that it is possible to get into shape no matter how exhausting you think your days are.

In Jason’s case he operates from the position of someone who is in charge of a globally operating company with offices on 4 different continents.

So his work schedule is obviously not easy. He’s got a family, commutes and travels a lot.

He’s got his reasons though and that’s clearly one of the most important things on this journey.

And that’s what this post is about.

Can You Make Progress In The City?

First of all before you even start your daily life around here, deduct a minimum of 1 hour from your day just for travelling.

Then remember all the drinks you’ll have with your clients, colleagues, partners and other people from your social circle.

Next depending on your business cycle think how many hours a day you’re required to focus on business and then add to it your business travels, holidays, family life, hobbies and whatever you’re most passionate about.

Chasing your desire to work on your body then just gets into conflict with your other interests so your progress might either be non-existent or things might be getting worse.

Now Sets In The City was built exactly on the idea that there is a way how to achieve progress with your body despite everything just named and it was built on the success of people that proved it under our coaching.

And our clients stories offer a lot to learn from.

You can join our VIP list and learn a lot from their stories and our insights here:

So What Makes The Difference?

The truth is that fitness might not be your number one passion in life.

And it’s reasonable as we’re in The City where it might be business or anything that got you into business or career in the first place.

So even though you might be focused on your next deal, summer holiday or your social life, it is possible to make great progress with your body if you manage to see it from the right perspective.

And the reasons to do so are many.

How would your business, social and personal life change if you were able get into shape?

That is the crucial question to ask.

So if fitness isn’t your number one priority, accept it.

Your number one focus might be something completely different than that.

But that’s not a reason to not work on your body.

Because if you look at your body from the perspective of your biggest focus or passion and see how your body is crucial in your effort to achieve it, you will understand your body might hold the key to your success.

And so you’ll work on it.

And you can work on your body despite focusing really hard on other things.

In fact the more progress you make with your body the more other things will go your way.

To support the case lets get back to Jason as he managed to go from 120kg to 90kg in 10 months while focusing on a lot of other things in his personal life as well as his professional life as a head of a company with offices on multiple continents.

So here is his progress chart

Jason Chart 2

And if you ask him about his favourite exercise he will tell you he doesn’t like any but yet he’s been a great success and phenomenal inspiration to many who witnessed his transformation.

And there are a lot more people like Jason.

Think about how the thing you’re most passionate about can benefit from you making good progress with your body.

And you will find the answer to you finally making good progress and getting into a great shape.

Which is essentially why Sets In The City is becoming so successful.

Share, comment and get involved in a discussion about how it is possible to make progress here in the City.

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