You’ve been there and you know it’s not easy.

Travelling usually gets in the way of training and so deserves special attention if you want to stay in a great shape and keep making progress.

If you’re someone who does a lot of business here in the City, has a city lifestyle and travels a lot on top of that then you’ll find this specifically useful.

Hotel Gyms

They usually have very limited equipment available which means you’ll either be very creative or in trouble.

So you need to be ready for an alternative workout.

And the best thing you can do is a bodyweight workout which covers the same needs your normal gym workout would cover.

But there’s a catch to it.

If nothing is familiar and you try doing a new bodyweight workout while you’re tired you might quit before you even start.

So it’s a great idea to try doing it once upfront.

You can then repeat it anytime you travel almost on autopilot.

The other options is to bring your trainers and go for a run or a jog for some cardio.


This is the thing you might have less control over, especially when you’re changing continents and cultures and you need to improvise.

The point here is to remember to eat clean, perhaps check the hotel restaurant menu upfront so you don’t make impulsive decisions.

Pack some snacks like nuts if you’re travelling around.

You can do that both on international travels and on short travels to Manchester, Birmingham or anywhere within the UK on a client site.

Take a few extra minutes while planning your trip to scope out what’s available and what you will have to prepare ahead.


Just a quick note.

The lack of sleep or sleep timing might make you feel a bit funny so it’s best if you plan a bit rather than give in to your tiredness or moodiness potentially caused by a different sleeping schedule.


Remember your training must be your constant if you’re serious about your fitness goals.

Track your progress if you need to. Be accountable to yourself and your goals and promises.

And again to make it a constant, remember your reasons for training. It is crucial and fundamental to your success.

Your travels are obviously not going to make you the fittest person in the universe but working towards your goals and chasing the desires you’ve got with your body don’t need to take a hit either.