Imagine losing £1 billion in lost earnings.

Imagine that’s just from back pain.

A staggering 15million working days are lost due to back pain every year in the UK, the equivalent of more than £1 billion in lost earnings.

The chances are most of your office has had problems with their back at some point and you might be one of them.

Worse yet, you might be having some back or neck pain right now.

The typical office habit of long hours spent sitting at a desk is producing an extremely sedentary lifestyle.

Your core gets weaker, your glutes get weaker, your hamstrings and hip flexors get tight and over time you develop an unwanted muscle imbalance leading to lower back pain.

If it’s not lower back, it’s upper back or neck as a results of tight chest muscle, upper trapezius muscle and weak lower trapezius muscle and rhomboids.

This is the reason people experience back or neck pain most of the time.

It’s the number one cause of sick days in the UK.

Even the government has encouraged a number of different initiatives to address it.

And physios are flooded with patients treating this problem.

Now the problem is that once you experience back pain and treat the symptom but not the underlying problem it is likely to come back.

And you’ll have problems focusing on work, lifting anything up from the floor or even getting up from your bed in the morning.

So if you’ve experienced back or neck problems or are experiencing some now and they’re caused by a muscle imbalance here’s what you can do to start fixing it once and for all.

The Solution

First you could add some yoga or pilates to your health and fitness routine. It’s a great way to do some stretching and strengthen the weaker muscle. If you’re a man, remember that world class bodybuilders would do some yoga or pilates as a part of their routine as well.

If you’re not into those what you could do instead (and it’s even better) is to add certain exercises into your health and fitness routine to rebalance the mentioned muscle groups.

Those are the choices you’ve really got.

Inactivity is not going to help it and overusing certain muscles is just going to make it more difficult to turn around.

It is not something you can fix overnight but it’s the best way to avoid not being able to stand up one day and having to crawl to your bed until the pain goes away.

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