Most people in The City could answer yes I guess.

And it’s true, stress is the major setback on your way to getting in shape.

But then again there are people in shape dealing with same amounts of stress yet not allowing it to stop them or become an excuse.

Same conditions.

Long work days, 2 hours commute to London, tight deadlines, high stakes situations, big targets…

Yet they manage to get in shape and keep it that way.

The Reality

It’s not the stress itself that’s keeping you out of shape..

But it’s how you deal with it and what your habits are.

If you’ve seen my work you’ll know I’m all up for stress.

Hustle hard, get out of your comfort zone, reach for more in your life…

And the truth is that no matter what your goals, once you go out of your comfort zone you will get stressed.

But it’s really how you deal with it that can either support or crash your ideas about your fitness, health and your body.

So you need to learn to decompress …

And you need to build healthy habits that will support you getting and staying in shape and being fit and healthy.

And It’s Not Downing Pints

Or drinking wine, whiskey or anything else..

That might be good fun..

But if you want to get in shape you need to make exercise and eating well your decompression strategy.

And have a drink as a bonus if you fancy it.

You can destress in many ways but it’s ultimately either constructive or destructive behaviour that you choose.

And if you continuously destress through destructive behaviour you might later come to the point where you’re frustrated with your body as a result and feel overwhelmed as well.

And There’s No Need For That

The truth is that not only can you avoid feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your body…

But you can also decrease your perception of stress by making some solid progress with your body as well.

And the more progress you make…

The more control you feel over your life …

And the better you deal with stress …

So the choice is always yours.

Will you be constructive or destructive in response?