Every day in the City, tens of thousands of people make millions of important, sometimes high-risk decisions.

And judging by how the City is thriving, most of these people are making the right decisions.

So why are so many people making bad decisions when it comes to their health and fitness?

Why do so many people go for the second doughnut?

Let’s look into it.

Lack Of Motivation

Most people when asked if they want to be in a great shape say yes.

Yet they don’t really mean it.

They want to be in a great shape but don’t really plan to get there or do much about it.

Perhaps they think they can never achieve it or perhaps they just don’t see the value in it.

Or they think it would be nice to look great, feel great and have more energy but they’re fine getting by.

And the fact is that somewhere on the list of their priorities, their body ranks really low.

Missing The Perspective

And it’s OK to think that.

If you value your career, social life, family, friends, entertainment, travelling and other things more than your body that’s OK.

But you won’t be able to achieve much or enjoy yourself by neglecting your body.

If you want to sign your next deal in 2 weeks you’ll have to show confidence and make other people confident in you too.

And your body plays a major role in that.

If you want to focus on family yet you can’t bend to pick up your kid’s bag without pain in your lower back you certainly won’t feel great about it.

And I could name a lot more examples but the point is this.

Does your body need to be your number one priority? No.

But your body is a crucial ingredient in achievement and enjoyment of your top priorities.

And that’s why you need to take some great care of it.

Missing Resources

If you’re missing resources you’re not alone.

Lots of people are short on time, under pressure, need to travel, don’t know how to train, what to eat and how to succeed with their body.

But resources can be gained.

What you need is resourcefulness.

And that you get with motivation and understanding the perspective.


On an average day, you have to decide what suit to put on, which project to prioritise, what people to talk to, which budget to approve and the list goes on…

By the time you get home in the evening, you’re faced with the decisions of going to the gym for a workout or staying in, preparing something healthy or ordering a takeaway.

You might want to make the right decision and work on your health and fitness, but your brain would most likely default to the easier decision.

So you end up staying in and ordering a takeaway.

Now imagine this affecting your business or relationships…