Last 4 weeks I’ve had 2 new clients start working out after years and years of inactivity.

And it’s been great watching them..

They feel reenergised, refocused and mentally fresh.

And it’s always great to watch new people coming in and see how the programme not only changes their shape gradually but also their mood, energy levels and mindset.

Now if you’ve been working out consistently you’re more likely to know how it feels not to work out.

But if you never exercise or haven’t exercised in a long time you simply can’t know how it feels to feel great from exercise.

It’s like when you drink Peroni all your life thinking it’s the best beer in the world and then someone brings you tank Pilsner.

And you’ll find out you’ve been missing something your whole life and didn’t know…

(Not to take sides… :))

And So It Goes With Your Training

If you’ve never had that progress with your body or haven’t had it in a long time, making the initial progress can literally feel like a rebirth to your body.

On your physiological level, biomechanical level, biochemical level but also psychological level.

You will not only feel stronger and fitter but also more focused, energetic and able to be present in the moment.

And so the title of this article.

Can you actually remember what you ate 2 days ago for lunch…

Refers to that as well.

If you’re making good progress with your body you’re more likely to remember.

Because once you’re there you’re simply sharper.

How Has Your Progress Been Lately?

Now the question is how YOU are doing with your body.

And knowing what kind of benefits we’re talking about, why you have not been able to embrace them.

Because the truth is that if you’re anything close to a regular person working in The City your progress is probably non-existent.

And that’s not to shame you or point out anything..

But to remind you it doesn’t need to be that way.

All it takes is a fraction of a moment when you make a decision..

And your body, your mind, your confidence, vision and pretty much anything related to those could move to a completely new level..