Whatever you’ve got yourself into this year should be picking up and gaining momentum by now already.

Now this article is specifically about the momentum you get with your body.

And how fitness can take you from a place of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to a place of high energy, halo effect and success.

What has fitness got to do with your happiness?

Quite a lot.

Especially if you’re out of shape, lack confidence and don’t have any energy.

When you’re looking at your body and you’re feeling frustrated.

And when you realise that being out of shape has been keeping you from feeling really happy for so many years.

That’s when you see the connection of fitness and happiness.

Feeling frustrated

How many times have you felt overwhelmed with the fact that you’re out of shape?

Perhaps you try doing something about it every now and then but still end up in a place where you’re simply frustrated.

You don’t know how to get in shape or you don’t make time for it or you don’t stay accountable to yourself.

Which means you run in circles and never sort yourself out.

Keeping the thing that’s been scratching the back of your head for so long still in there.

And it could be different…

But only if you invested a bit of your time, fixed it in a few months and got rid of this frustration once and for all.

Making Progress With Your Body

Definitely equals happiness.

And if you’ve ever had any good progress you’ll know.

Your mental performance goes up, your energy levels are up, your business life, social life, family life they all benefit from it as well.

Your hormones work properly, your posture improves, your confidence goes up, your inner game strengthens, your attitude changes and things simply happen for you.

All of a sudden the burden that was there is gone and you’re feeling happier as a result.

And the first step towards this, towards getting some good momentum with your body and start making progress is commitment.

How happy are you with your body and how much can you commit to changing it?