Most of my clients are smart business people in The City.

And they’re very ambitious.

They’ve got a 6-pack mind and 6-figure income but what most of them haven’t got are 6-pack abs yet.

And that’s what I help them with.

Chasing smarts and riches is one thing, but not neglecting your health and building it at the same time is equally important.

And perhaps you’re chasing the same thing.

Smarts, Riches & Health

Now, if you’ve read any of my previous articles you’ll know these things are interconnected.

Many times I’ve mentioned in my articles that your body is crucial in sustaining peak performance in your career or business, hormones influence the outcomes of your micro situations, your ability to focus is highly dependent on the way you take care of your body as well and there are many more correlations I could mention.

But it works the other way around as well.

Smarts help you amass the riches and make the effort you put into maintaining and building your body more effective through correct decision making along with other things.

And money gives you options and hopefully peace of mind, positively affect your health and give you time and opportunity to maintain your health, eat and train well without any injuries and illnesses.

The Big Idea Obviously Is…

All three should be aimed for at the same time.

Two of them without the third one will always be less desirable.

If you’re fit, healthy and rich but you’re lacking mental capacity, sooner or later the riches abandon you and your health deteriorates as well.

If you’re smart, fit and healthy but have constantly no money your life will never be lived the way it should because you’ll spend it on someone else’s agenda.

And if you’re smart and got money but you’re overweight, run out of breath when taking stairs and don’t really like the way you look and feel you will likely sabotage the other two at some point anyway.

Are YOU Working On All 3?

Now if you’re reading this article, the chances are you’re one of the ambitious people I’ve managed to connect with.

But my question really is, how far does your ambition go?

Do you value all 3 above mentioned things?

Or are you the genius living the good life but reluctant to see your medical check up results and wondering what happened with your athletic body from 15 years ago?


I hope the idea of this article will resonate with you.

When you have time to stop and think about your life during the Christmas make sure you plan out a great year 2017 for your body, fitness and health along your financial, business, relationships, family, social and other personal goals as well.

Because the truth is that when you take care of the ones related to your body, fitness and health you’re more likely to amass other objects of your desire as well.