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Take control of their body back so they feel as successful with their shirt off as they do with their shirt on, are there for the best moments with their family and mates and are full of energy and confidence in their everyday life.

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"I cannot stress enough what a valuable Enabler Vlad has been for me to reach my goals. His great work is having a massive impact on my life."
- Robert, Asset Management Specialist, Lost 26Kg In 10 Months

“I had a shoulder problem, knee surgery and a hernia on top of that and I was trying to get back into training and lose a bit of weight.”
– Gareth, Business Analyst, Volbroker, Lifts 170Kg Deadlifts & 50KG Dumbbell Press

"I have been working with Vlad for about 12 weeks and during that time I have dropped from 86kg to 79kg!"
- James, Executive Director, Willis Re, Lost 7Kg In 12 Weeks



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All You Need To Get Back To Fitness After Your Holidays

You've had good times off, fun, travel, booze and everything that makes summer great but it's time to come back to executing your master plan while being focused enough to work on your body as well. What if you haven't been to the gym in a few weeks or perhaps all summer at all?

How To Never Again Skip A Workout Because You're Tired

“I’d love to stay consistent, but some days it’s really hard because I’m really tired.. The other day I wanted to go to gym and even made time for it.. but feeling tired I started thinking do I feel like going? And the answer was obviously no… But then I remembered what the alternative was…

Don’t Miss These Fantastic Places To Eat Fit Around Aldgate East

You don't need to eat like an Olympic medallist but 80% of your fitness success comes from nutrition so it’s crucial to be able to find great places that offer good quality and healthy options around your office. Convenience and accessibility to these places are key. After some fun and tasty market research, we have created a list of places you should try in the City of London...

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