“I’d love to stay consistent, but some days it’s really hard because I’m really tired..

The other day I wanted to go to gym and even made time for it..

but feeling tired I started thinking do I feel like going?

And the answer was obviously no…

But then I remembered what the alternative was and where that leads…

So I not only ended up going but I had a great workout and felt phenomenal after.”

That’s what my client Ron told me yesterday.

What can we learn from it?

Purpose Driven Action

How often are you really tired but go to work anyway?

It’s the same thing.

The chances are 80% of things you’ll ever do at work you won’t like doing…

And sometimes you’ll have no energy to do them at all…

And yet you’ll do them..


Because you can’t make progress from that outstanding 20%.

No matter how much you enjoy strategizing, talking to your clients or presenting to your team you need to back it up with the other 80% of your action.

And you’ll do it even if you don’t like it and you’re super tired.

Because your eyes are on your position with your company, on your reputation with your clients, on your salary and bonuses, and perhaps on other things as well..

Your spouse, your kids, your mortgage, holidays and whatever else motivates you to show up at work every day and give it your best.

But What About Your Body?

So having said that, it should be clear that it works the same way with your body…

You’ll do it even if you don’t like it and you’re super tired.

Because your eyes are on your health, your energy levels, your confidence in life, sense of wellbeing, or deeper things..

Your personal pride in your peer group or with your kids, attractiveness to your partner, sense of control in your life…

It could be a lot of things…

Now most people don’t see it like this unfortunately.

Because most of us respond better to pain than pleasure.

So if you don’t show up at work and don’t perform, it’s pretty easy to figure out what will happen in your life.

Losing clients, seeing your shareholders or your boss in your dreams, losing your bottom line and ultimately losing your job and being forced to a break from life to do some soul searching…

But what happens if you don’t show up at the gym, or chips and mayonnaise show up on your plate instead of a salad?

What is the price of slacking off?

And that’s something you’ll have to ask yourself and give it some real thought.

Because without knowing you I can tell you there is a price…

And you’ve been paying it little by little..

No matter how much pain you’re feeling right now or how much you’re realising it on a daily basis..