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Hi there, I'm Vlad, the founder of Sets In The City, 2 times Amazon published author and executive body transformation coach. I have written 2 books in 2013 and 2016 and been endorsed by many experts of the fitness industry. I love what I do, help busy men take back control of their body, train in the evenings with my girlfriend after work and travel the world for a week every 3 months. Thanks to all above and the support of my inner circle and clients I'm extremely happy to welcome you here.

Do You Really Want To Take Control Back?

Over 2000 hours working with top managers, directors, CEOs, VCs gave birth to Sets In The City in early 2016. My clients are guys over 30 who usually work in insurance, banking, finance, technology, law or consultancy and they all come from a similar place being in a similar situation.. They're tired of being out of shape, feeling unfit, low on energy and stuck in a rut and they simply want more from life. So instead of selling themselves short on their body, they go through amazing body transformations and as a result get in a phenomenal shape, feel better, have more energy and confidence and experience life on a higher level again! All while keeping their City lifestyle and supporting it rather than compromising!

Incredible Success Stories

Sets In The City has more than anything else been built upon a number of client success stories bringing them not only the fitness, shape and results they wanted but also an increase in other areas of their life as a result. Have a look at what they're saying about their experience to see what training with us could mean for you.

See More Detailed Body Transformations
( Insights, Tracking Charts & Interviews)

David, 40, QBE
David's transformation proves that you can get great results while you're busy and training with us remotely. 6 weeks ago I had an opportunity to sit down with David over a coffee at Caffe Nero on Fenchurch Street talking about our Online PT. To cut the story short, here’s what happened:
David’s lost 1.5kg of bodyweight and 5cm in his waist in his first 6 weeks.

Check Out David’s Transformation Story

Gareth, 37, Volbroker
Training with me for over 2 years, Gareth's originally joined to regain his strength and fitness after a few injuries and has now managed to build himself into one of the strongest guys in the gym. Check what he says about his goals, motivations and experience with us.
Gareth can now do 170kg deadlift and 50kg dumbbell bench press along other things.

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Hadrien, EY
Hadrien's now trained with me on two separate occasions and on both of them succesfully shredded a lot of fat while building his upper body and core strength. What's remarkable is that he's achieved his great results despite going to some great parties during the weekends.
Hadrien's ultimately managed to go from 22% body fat down to 7,4%.

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Charlie, GCube
I first met Charlie at the end of January 2017 and what follows is a screenshot of his great 14-week progress. Great especially because he’s been able to quickly switch and adapt to two very different systems – building muscle first and getting lean second. And he’s been having quite some success!
Charlie has added 4cm to his arms and 3cm to his chest and keep it while getting lean!

Check Out Charlie’s Transformation Story