“You can have one brownie, doughnut, a pint or a bottle of wine for lunch..

C’mooon, have one. It’s delicious!..”

And so you have one…

Or a couple…

Perhaps thinking that surely it won’t kill you if you let yourself of a bit.

And a treat a day surely can’t put you out of shape.

But over time IT DOES…

The Holes In Your System

If you’re out of shape at the moment it’s not an accident.

You got here somehow.

And it could be either through your own programmed behaviour or through the so called holes in your psychological boundaries.

As Dr. Paul describes in his ingenious MindOS system.

Now these holes in your boundaries are a representation of the flaws in your reactions to the outside stimulation.

For example when your colleague comes up to you with a box of brownies you take one or two.


Because in your mind, it’s OK to do so.

When you’re out chasing a deal you’ll have a pint or two, or perhaps 5 or more.

Again, because you think it’s ok to do so.

And depending on your perspective..

It could be OK to do so!

But not when we’re talking about getting in shape.

It’s not always…

How To Close The Holes In Your Boundaries

So I’ll assume you’re actively working on being in shape or getting in shape.

And if you’re not by any chance, this is your way out by the way..

The number one thing you’re battling is not expertise.

It’s not knowing what to eat, how to eat, how to train and when to train.

I know the whole getting in phenomenal shape might look very complex from the outside but knowing what to do is not your number one problem.

Plugging up these holes in your psychological response to things is.

And you need to go through some behavioural change.

So the point is to really understand why you’re changing your diet..

Why is it important to you..

How does your life, family, business and career depend on it…

Everything food and training related can be explained in a matter of minutes.

At least if you’re working with me.

Knowing What To Do Means Nothing If You Don’t Do It

So what’s your plan for re-wiring your brain?

What got you here is not going to get you in shape, your behaviour needs to change.

And knowing what to do is the first step towards that.

But what steps will you take to make sure you’re doing what you know you should be doing?

How are you going to stay accountable?

How are you going to make sure you really push yourself out of your comfort zone?

This is why my clients get results and this is how I help them.

They, like many other in The City know what to do but unlike everyone else they actually do it and they do it consistently.

Which is why they get results.

Regardless of how busy they are, how often they drink with clients, how much they travel abroad, how long they commute for, how many parties they go on or anything else…