When you ask people why they’re not in the shape they want to be..

Most of them will tell you they don’t have the resources..

They don’t know how or they don’t have time or there’s something else holding them back.

That’s the first layer.

And it’s only then, after they qualify their lack of resources as the problem…

only a very few people will then qualify what’s really in the way of them being in shape..

They’re not seeing it from the right perspective..

And also have some limiting beliefs holding them back..

They’ve tried but never changed anything..

They’re focused on making money and health is not important until they’ve made it..

Or screw the gym, let’s party instead…

It could be anything…

And then there’s a third group of people..

They know what they should be doing, they know nothing is in their way, and they see how it would impact their life…

But they’re just lazy

What To Do When You’re Lazy

People are not lazy naturally.

People are lazy when they’re not stimulated enough.

You’re certainly not lazy to pay your mortgage.

You’re not lazy to go see your dentist when you’ve got a toothache.

And you’re not lazy getting to the airport when you’re flying to your holidays.


Because you’re closer to one of the two ends of motivation.

Pain or pleasure.

But with your shape, fitness and health, you’re not.

Because in your mind, you’re still ok being out of shape..

You’re still ok feeling tired and self-conscious of your belly…

You’re still ok looking at yourself aging month by month..

But How Long Are You Willing To Be OK With It?

Whether you realise it or not, you being out of shape and unfit is costing you.

You come in for your morning meeting to motivate your sales team with a lack of energy..

What impact has that got on your business?

Every time you look in the mirror and see yourself out of shape…

What impact has it got on your self-esteem?

If you’ve got a cardiovascular disease history in your family…

How friendly do you think the clock potentially ticking for you is?

So Here’s What You Should Do

It’s normally quite an interesting conversation but for the purpose of this article simply answer these 2 questions right now:

What is being out of shape costing you in your life both today and in the future?

How would you getting in shape, fit and healthy impact your life today?

Thanks for reading my article, I’m grateful for anyone who shares it as it helps for the message to reach more people and make impact on their life.