“Are you sure you’re a 34 waist sir…? This is a 36 and it still looks tight…”

This was what I overheard last weekend in a shop.

And that’s alright.

Most people come back from Christmas and New Year holidays in a worse shape than before.

And unless you’ve attempted to climb Kilimanjaro, chances are December left you worse off.

But it’s time to realise what it means and what you’re going to do about it.

The Month Of Paradoxes

January is when most people sign up for gym memberships and commit to lifestyle changes.

But it’s also when most people promptly fall off the wagon and get back to old habits.

Last year I’ve seen about 15 new faces inside the 4 weeks of January for a chat about their training.

“What are your goals? What’s your vision? How do you want your body to look like?”

They all get fired up, open the gateway to wild imaginations and increase their energy levels by 100%.

Until they face the truth…

They got excited about this last January, and the January before, and then Jan 2014..

Yet every year they’re in a worse shape.

How long are they willing to tolerate it?

Seeing Things From A Different Perspective

I’ve been training with people for the last 3 years.

Started with a wide range of people and now only training with guys over 30.

I’ve seen great body transformations of my clients and I’ve also seen terrible knockouts of people who never changed anything.

Gym members with a 5-week attention span and zero results in response to their pain points.

And from what I’ve learned and seen, there is a significant difference between the people in shape and people out of shape.

No matter how hard they train those few weeks of January.

And the difference is in their perspective.

The Only Way To Get Into Shape In The City

Is to understand what role your body plays on everything else in your life and manage to keep this at the top of your mind consistently over the period of 10 or more weeks…

I’m afraid there is no other way..

Because the business life, social life and personal life will find a way to distract you.

And unless you sort that out, your chances of getting into shape are slim.

And you want to sort it out.

For yourself, your health, your partner, your career, your social circle…

You owe it to them.

And your body transformation will give a massive lift to all these areas of your life once you’re top shape again.

Just widen up your perspective.

Thanks for reading my post. If it helps even one person to do some quick soul searching and commit to their fitness goals for real this time, it will make me really happy.

Please share this with people around you.

Thanks. Vlad