I’m almost at the airport now flying back to see my family for Christmas.

But before I go I thought I’d touch on the topic of overeating, drinking and overindulging in anything possible.

Because for most people that’s what Christmas brings along.

So how can you endure it and come back to work leaner?

Unfortunately, for most the answer is you genuinely won’t.

But it doesn’t mean you should close this article.

Because there obviously is a way through.

You could get leaner if you followed the advice of staying low carb, training and pushing for your goals.

But it’s not fun during Christmas and so you don’t want to do that.

Try To Keep Your Routine

I’ve seen a few of my clients coming back leaner.

They simply managed.

And the lesson to learn is that as much as they could have been an exception, you can come back in a good shape.

You just need to remember to keep a normal food routine.

Meaning that if you normally eat 4 times a day, there is no need to eat 7 times a day now.

Snacking all through the day is not ideal either.

Have a drink but don’t drink excessively all day long each day because it’s Christmas.

If you’re normally active don’t suddenly become passive for these few days.

The Best Thing To Do

It’s all about how you manage your routine.

Try to treat your body as if it was any other day from the perspective of exercise and food and you’ll get through Christmas without getting out of shape.

Christmas is here to enjoy, so enjoy it, but don’t go overboard.

This is my last article 2016 so I wish you Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017.

Let’s make it count and bring you whatever you desire.