There is one absolutely crucial thing we need to establish.

While a lot of people might think they’re saving themselves time and energy for doing things they deem more important by not training and not eating properly, the truth is that training and proper eating will raise their performance to the top level and save them far more time and energy as a result.

Which is quite important in the City.

Impact on mental performance

Patrick joins the gym like a lot of people in January but unlike many others he’s there to stay the benefits of which soon materialise as well.

He makes massive progress in his first few months, increases his confidence in sales, hits his targets and gets promoted with his company while making every group of people he gets in contact with feel great because of his energy.

And he’s not the only one.

So how is his increased performance and success influenced by fitness and what can you take out of it?

Energy Levels

Your energy levels have a very direct impact on your daily tasks and you can control them on a daily basis.

Both working out and proper eating can stabilise your energy levels and make you feel sharper so make you more effective and efficient at work.

It then also makes other people perceive you as sharper and trust you more with work, gives you an increased mental performance, focus and ability to be present in the moment.

And regular exercise and healthy diet have a very big say in this.

Hormonal balance

The most relevant hormones are Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Cortisol, Insulin and Glucagon and they can control a big chunk of micro situations.

Your hormones impact how you feel, how you function, and how you look.

And so the hormonal balance is a big deal when it comes to your mental performance and behaviour again.

Good diet will control your insulin and glucagon and good workouts will take care of your testosterone, growth hormone and cortisol.

And the endorphins you get on top will be a great bonus.

Psychological advantage

As a result of your training and proper eating, not only will you feel better about yourself, become more confident and dare to ask for more in life, but other people will perceive you as a healthy individual, better and more trustworthy than an unhealthy looking individual.


The important thing is that what happens on your biochemical level does have a say in the outcome of your micro-situations like meetings, decision-making, simple work tasks or expanding your circle of influence.

The way you feel adds to the way you behave and so can help you attract or chase away certain people or situations, help you win deals and so on.

So see your body not just from the physical perspective but from the perspective of your business and career as well.

The question is how much are you investing in your body and how much progress have you made with your body in the last few months?

Are you leveraging your body or are you letting it control you?