Each of us knows some fitness extremists …

People that are either obsessed with it or completely indifferent about it.

A man running back to the reception of his office building from his lunchtime run, passing by 4 other guys smoking like chimneys…

Your dieting colleague claiming she’s not hungry having only eaten a bit of yoghurt and some soup all day..

Your other colleague having a 3-course lunch with a bottle of wine with his clients every day and a box of doughnuts back in the office without raising an eyebrow.

And sure it’s fun to point these things out, but…

If You Want To Get In Shape

You Must Control Your Habits

And also avoid extremes if you’re doing it in The City.

Eating almost nothing is an extreme that doesn’t get you in shape..

Eating too much doesn’t get you there either.

And neither does training 4 hours a day, not training for 4 years or any other extreme.

If you’re working in The City you need a sustainable plan.

And I’ll repeat the word sustainable, and effective.

3-4 hours a week for your training and a well-balanced, reasonable diet at times adjusted to your goals (amounts and ratios) will keep you in a remarkable shape long term.

The Only Extreme You Want

I know it might sound contradicting after I just said you should avoid training and eating extremes…

But there is one extreme that will always be good for you.

And that is going through an extremely well thought out body transformation.

How long have you been thinking about finally getting in shape?

Or trying to get there..

Leaving the things you don’t like about your body behind …

and taking a step towards having more energy for the life outside of your work hours..

confidence to ask for more things in life…

feeling good both in your shirt and your T-shirt…

being strong, without any aches or running out of breath..

The Change Happens In A Micro Moment

If you haven’t made any progress this year yet what’s holding you back?

Is it work, social life, travels, or anything of that kind?

Or is it just a decision that you still haven’t made to make 2017 the year you’ll get in shape.

Because you getting in shape and making progress as you go …

happens in a single micro moment of a decision that you make.

As with everything…

So if you know what not being in shape means to your life every day

And you know what getting in shape would mean for you.

Make that decision and make 2017 the year you finally got in shape.