How many places do you know around that sell high quality healthy food?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe but The City is actually packed with places that offer good quality, healthy options, and are convenient to get to.

Which is crucial when you work around and strive for some good progress with your body.

So after some fun and tasty market research and recommendations from our clients, here is a list of 10 places you should try in The City of London – all around £5-8:


Tucked away from the busy City streets, Badolina is truly a hidden gem. While there are only a few items on their menu, their chicken is succulent and moreish with a good portion size, accompanied by a fantastic variety of salads.
We had: Spicy Mediterranean – Container Option
Address: 206-210 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4NR

Badolina 3


Known for its Californian take on food, Bel-Air definitely hits the mark when it comes to healthy and delicious lunch options. Their salads are balanced and fulfilling to eat, with plenty of good quality protein options to choose from.
We had: The Mexican With Salmon
Address: 54 Paul St, London EC2A 4LN

Bel Air 2


As one of the biggest Japanese chains in the City, Itsu is a great choice for when you feel like something lighter. Its menu clearly shows a healthy and clean approach to food, with satisfying salads, and of course, lots of raw fish rich with omega 3 and good fats to choose from. They also offer little protein pots, perfect for your afternoon snack in place of biscuits and crisps.
We had: Any Box Without Rice
Address: 77 Aldgate High Street, LONDON, EC3N 1BD

Itsu 2


Leon has been known for its healthy spin on food, and their lunch menu proves that well. The portion size was satisfactory, and they offer a good range of options to choose from.
We had: Lamb Kofte
Address: Spitalfields Market, 3 Crispin Pl, London E1 6DW

Leon 2


Another successful food chain known for its fresh and healthy philosophy, Pod offers both salads and hot foods inspired by international cuisines, all with low-carb options. Definitely a great choice if you fancy a varied menu!
We had: Thai Red Chicken
Address: 5 Lloyds Avenue, London, EC3N 3AE

Pod 2


Pret has always been known for its freshly made sandwiches, but some of their salads are surprisingly good – just beware of the salad dressing that comes with! Pret offers a wide variety of protein-rich, no-carb salads, so if you’re looking for something more familiar, you’ll have no problems picking a great lunch here.
We had: Chefs Italian Chicken Salad – no dressing
Address: 85 Aldgate High Street London, United Kingdom EC3N 1LH



If we hadn’t tried to highlight lesser known places in the top 3, Tossed would definitely have made the cut. Their range of healthy food is fantastic and their Muscle Builder salad is one of our most recommended items.
We had: Muscle Builder Salad
Address: 78 Leadenhall Street, London, United Kingdom EC3A 3DH

Tossed 2

And now the top 3 places on our list!

  1. Bluez Souvlaki Kitchen

The classic combination of grilled meat and salad comes as no surprise at this Greek joint. We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that Bluez grills your meat fresh when you order, and their Greek salad is also nicely seasoned and packed full of nutrients!
We had: Horiatiki with Chicken
Address: 18A Mansell St, London E1 8AA

Bluez Souvlaki 2

  1. Market Green

Definitely a very hidden treasure in the area, Market Green is ideal for busy people such as yourself. Similar to pick n’ mix, you choose from a base, a protein and salads. Humble as it looks, Market Green is great value for money and definitely worth a try if you are hoping to maintain your diet while at work!
We had: Any Mix
Address: 64 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ

Market Green 2

  1. Pure & Fresh

Hidden away on Hooper Street is this absolute gem, offering nutrients-packed salad boxes. In a typical salad box, you can pick 5 salads, a choice of protein, toppings and dressing, all for £6, juicy and mouth watering! Staff are super friendly and happy to help. Our absolute winner!
We had: A Big Salad Box
Address: 11 Hooper St, London E1 8BP

Pure And Fresh 2


These top 10 places we came across around Aldgate, Aldgate East and Tower Hill offer some fantastic quality healthy food and we usually consider them when providing nutrition guidelines or meal plans for our PT clients.

If you know more great places, share and leave a comment below so we can all enjoy their healthy food!

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