The million pound question is:

Why are you working in The City?

Money? Prestige? Personal pride? Family? Anything else?

It’s probably a combination of several things.

But whatever it is I’d like to think it leads to something greater.

The Idea Of A Good Life

Let’s just assume you want a better life for yourself and your family.

And to have a better life, you need to be better or at least more valuable to the market place…

And The City is the right place for you to put yourself in that position.

However, the terms are not easy..

And to show you’re worthy of that position…

It takes enormous amounts of effort.

Physical, mental, intellectual, etc.

So you put your head down and get to work to make sure that your position is strong..

And as a result you can have the good life…

Until You Find Out The Reality Is A Bit Different

Yes, it’s fun to be making a lot more money than everyone else..

And yes your work and higher income do give you the option to have a good life..

But are you really playing on this option?

Are you living the good life?

Are you living the life you set out to live some time ago?

Or are you stuck in a rut, head down and immersed in day to day activities

Tired to actually live your life outside of your work hours

Stressed and worn out to the point when you can’t fully enjoy yourself unless you overeat or drink or overindulge in something else..

How is your energy after your work hours?

Covering Your Downside

Unfortunately working in The City brings some downsides to it as well..

And feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed can get real at times

But instead of falling victim to that and accepting it the way it is…

The number one thing you can do for yourself…

Is to take great care of the one thing that makes you perceive energy, stress and your readiness for life

And that is your body…

Taking great care of your body is the key to maximising your life outside of your work hours

If you’re in a great shape and physical health..

Your hormones work better, your energy is higher, your mental performance rises…

And you also feel a lot better about yourself when you know you can max out the things you do outside of work…

Knowing you’re fit, healthy, can wear any clothes, with no beer belly and whatever all those things being in shape represents to you is simply priceless..