It’s been an incredible year!

When I left my job at one of the biggest fitness chains in the world exactly a year ago..

I had only one goal.

To create a new fitness brand and make it work.

And man it’s been a ride!

Battling everything from obscurity, through social media to payroll..

Making sure everything works perfectly

And spending my nights awake to make every detail count..

But today I’m proud to say I’ve got loads of happy clients..

And more people have heard about Sets In The City than ever before…

These are some of the lessons I learned along the way

Lesson 1 – Strategy Is Equally Important To Action

My old mentor used to be all about action..

Getting so intensely immersed in chasing a goal that other people would often stand by the side..

And watch him with loads of admiration..

And it obviously worked for him and at the time for me as well.

But all we had was a job at a fitness club.

And all back end was very well taken care of…

Our playbook was also quite limited..

So we could laser focus on the limited number of options we had.

Now leaving that job and starting a fitness brand opens up an ocean of options..

And taking action is simply not good enough.

All action needs to be supported by sound strategy.

And that’s the first thing I learned during the 1st year.

While my old mentor probably keeps chasing up people up to this day..

Sets In The City website brings in personal training enquiries on a regular basis.

So the time otherwise spent on networking is now spent helping people reach their goals.

Lesson 2 – Never Drop The Ball On Your Customers And Clients

This is non-negotiable.

If you’re interested in what Sets In The City offers…

I will do whatever I can to make sure you’re well looked after…

If you trust the brand and join us for personal training..

It is simply unimaginable to break your trust and not deliver.

I’ve seen it done by other people to clients when I worked in my last job..

And it little by little unsold people on the value of the company….

And worse yet, it also unsold them on the very thing they were hoping to achieve..

And that is simply a huge mistake to make.

Lesson 3 – Controlling Your Environment Is The Key To Success

This is the lesson I’ve learned a long time ago..

But only this year I’ve really been able to understand its value..

Controlling your environment is crucial..

If you want things to work, you must start screening the people coming into your life..

Choose your clients, choose your friends, choose your mentors, your professional connections, people you do business with.

To make things work you need to be effective..

And you can’t be effective if you’re dealing with people who are toxic, wasting your time, dropping the ball on you or disrespecting your choices..

This past year has proven it to me big time..

My clients are legendary, my friends are understanding of my lifestyle, my girlfriend is the most supporting ever and my family accepts the fact that I spent most of my time with my clients and only see them once a year really..

And if it wasn’t this way, I’m afraid Sets In The City would have not be as strong as it is today…

And my clients personal stories would have gone a pretty different direction…

So those are the top 3 lessons I learned by starting my own company with a message my clients can relate to.

A brand that works with busy men over 30 working in The City who struggle to get in shape and takes them through amazing body transformations.