It is no secret that The City Of London is one of the global economic centres of the world.

And with its strong position comes a lot of economic activity powered by a strong sales force.

Whether it’s finance, banking, insurance, technology or other industries.

And the success of The City is powered by individuals who can sell their ideas.

But no ideas are ever sold without confidence.

And that’s why this article is about how training can increase your confidence and why so many choose to chase deals by day and train by night.

You won’t sell unless you’re confident

The way a person looks, speaks, and conveys themselves tells a lot about them and creates an image in their buyers’ mind.

Whether you’re selling derivatives, insurance, cybersecurity, cloud solutions or even your team member on an idea.

Your confidence is important in the art of persuasion.

Nobody wants to do business with losers!

Your body is certainly not a make it or break it factor to your confidence but it does play a role in your psychology and perception by other people.

Your posture and physiology have a lot to say about your current mental state, your hormones have a big impact on your mood and psychology, proper eating influences your energy levels and your body shape tells a lot about you as a person of good health implying healthy thinking as well.

Your confidence is a lot of times drawn from some or all of these on top of many other things.

Let’s have a closer look at them.

Your confidence is to a certain extent influenced by your body

If your shoulders are rolled forward, head forward tilted with chin down, arms hanging and energy levels down and you’re trying to make an impact transferring your confidence about your products or services on someone it’s just not going to happen.

Unless you’re a monopoly business.

But people will always want to buy from sharp energetic people they like.

Good core strength, strong back muscles holding your posture and energy in your presentation.

You can achieve all of these by strengthening the muscles that normally get weak with you sitting in front of the computer and by eating nutrient dense food nourishing your body.

Your testosterone, growth hormone, insulin, glucagon and many other hormones can be directly influenced by a lifting routine or some high intensity session.

Endorphins directly impact your psychology and your psychological advantage of knowing that you’re taking care of your fitness, strength, appearance and health also sets you up for success.


If you haven’t been training at all, haven’t been training as much as you’d love to, or you’ve been training but haven’t seen any progress in a while remember that good training and eating have impact on other areas of your life, influence your psychology and can increase your level of confidence and success in persuasion.

If you’re constantly looking for some breakthroughs a good fitness routine might be the way to start.