This morning was quite interesting dealing with someone who seemed very keen on getting in shape.

Or so I thought.

Mike had inquired a few days ago about training and looked quite keen.

He said his motivation was at 10/10 and he was really motivated to get in shape.

But words are exactly what they are – words.

And actions scream people’s intentions more than anything.

Offered and agreed on 3 different slots, we never managed to actually sit down and plan it out for him.

He was busy at work twice, out with his partner the third time.

Facing The Challenges

Most people in The City face a similar situation.

They’d love to get in a great shape, but got 2 things to deal with.

One is that you’re not where you want to be with your body.

And two is you can’t see the resourcefulness within yourself to move away from there towards where you want to be.

Which is why you simply must be honest.

You’re either fed up with where you are right now and want to get in shape…

Or you’re just wishful about it and not really bothered unless you start losing stuff.

Your health, your ability to enjoy your life, your partner, the option to wear the clothes you bought some time ago, and lots of other things…

And then if you do want to get in shape, you’ll face some obstacles…

That you need to be honest about and approach them in a way that will support your honest intentions.

So if you’re short on time like Mike mentioned at the beginning of this article, be honest about it and find a way around it.

In most cases you will be able to.

And I’ve seen lawyers and M&A guys able to find time…

So What Are You Going To Do?

You can always blame your situation

I don’t have time, I can’t eat properly, I can’t not drink so it’s pointless, I travel too much…

Whatever form it might have you can always blame your lack of resources.

It is the most common thing to do after all …

It must be something else why I can’t be where I want to be, it must be something outside of me, outside of my control….

And in the world where we get caught up with ego concerns it might make sense..

But instead of pointing at the lack of resources what you need is resourcefulness.

And you can find that within yourself

Only if you shift your perspective..

And once you do, incredible things can happen

Not only will you be able to get in shape, but you’ll take your life to a completely new level…

Thanks for reading my article.

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