How Gareth Tripled His Strength On Deadlifts

Gareth, 37, Volbroker

Hey it’s Vlad! Another great success story to share with you. I’ve been training with Gareth for almost two years now. Looking back at some of the first conversations we’ve had, it’s crazy how much progress he has made. Here’s what happened:

These are Gareth's strength stats after his first 6 months of strength and fitness training.

We first started training back in August 2014 and Gareth had just finished his recovery from injuries as you'll see in the videos. He wanted to focus on strength and fitness so he can ultimately go back to a proper game of rugby which was his main driver. So we set up to work on those and his progress was brilliant. He went from 60kg deadlifts with bad form to 170kg deadlifts of good form and still getting stronger. Massively increased his rep range and muscle engagement on squats, built his way up to 50kg dumbbell bench presses and managed to manipulate his bodyweight in the process. Hitting new goals almost regularly is the reason why we're still training up to this day.

Let's Look At His Story A Bit Closer

And Here's A Bit About His Training

Defining goals and motivation
From the point that we sat down with Gareth it was very clear what were going to focus on and what structure we were going to use for our sessions. The goals we set up were mainly strength goals in the big lifts and we also set up goals within our high-intensity training.

Motivating PT sessions
Once a week, Gareth comes for his 1-2-1 PT sessions, where we go through some exercises outside of his workout programme, and where we usually push for new personal bests, and focus on high-intensity training, which most people find more challenging to do on their own.

Regularly updated programme
To keep it fresh and effective, all of Gareth’s PT sessions as well as workout programmes are updated regularly. Each 12 weeks we reassess his goals and tweak the workouts to make sure Gareth continues to make great progress.

"The reason started personal training was a change of programme, different ideas and help really... I'm not too bad doing weights, but doing any high intensity or running or anything like that I lack so much motivation."

Leveraging our sessions
It's easy to follow the workout programme but it's much easier to get through certain exercises when someone pushes you. To leverage our sessions, we normally train chest and legs when doing weights and high intensity and abs outside of weights. Everything else can be trained with the same intensity outside of our sessions.

Flexible lifestyle and tolerance with alcohol consumption
Like many others in the City, business often involves alcohol at one point or another, so it would be impractical (and pretty impossible) to ask someone like Gareth to stop drinking alcohol completely. Instead, we maximise other things so he can get great results.

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Consistently showing up leads to consistent results
Gareth has always turned up to his sessions and completed his own training diligently. In the long term it has made a big difference for him and he's been able to keep raising the bar for himself.

Nutrition and supplementation advice
What Gareth needs at times is a change of focus from strength to body composition. He gets his nutritional guidelines and supplement recommendations if he feels up for some supplements.

"If I didn't like the training I wouldn't be here." - 60kg to 160kg deadlift in 10 months; 50kg dumbbell bench press; 40 min of 50:10 high intensity, 160kg seated row machine.

Asking Gareth About His Experience

So Gareth, a few months ago you decided to change something about your body, why now?
I come from a rugby, American football background. Haven’t trained properly in ages due to injuries – shoulder, knee surgery, a hernia. I was trying to overcome those, get back into training, lose a bit of weight, but at the same time not get stuck in a rut, trying to do the same thing over and over again. Quite often, I find myself doing the same training, same exercises every session, so you don’t really improve in a way. You just get into a dull ache, and your body gets used to it, so it doesn’t end up fat burning or anything. You end up putting on more and more weight coz you’re still eating the same.

What’s your reason behind this?
I want to at least have one more game of rugby. I’m getting old. I’m in my mid-30s, so it feels like the playing days are behind me. So as long as I get at least one more game I’ll be definitely happy. But it’s taking that step of ‘Oh I’m fit enough to play one game’, and thinking, am I fit enough to play another? Just wanted to move along that direction and see if I can do a whole season without injury.

Why did you decide to start PT?
Change of programme, different ideas, and just help really. I’m not too bad at getting in to do weights, but doing things like high-intensity or running or anything like that, I lack so much motivation. I wanted PT to provide some guidance through sessions, it makes it so much easier.

How do you find the experience?
It’s good, I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t like it!

Results so far?
I’ve definitely lost weight. But at the same time, not too much because I’m keeping quite a bit on muscle-wise. I remember the first session we did, on back and legs. We were doing deadlifts and I could barely manage 60kg. And now I’m onto 160 and that’s almost 2.5 times my weight. I’m quite happy with that! And it’s also great to have guidance in terms of technique. That first session absolutely killed my back, and now I don’t have that anymore. That’s all through having someone teach you or watch you while you’re doing the exercise to make sure your technique is correct.

Do you consider PT to be a good investment of your energy, time and money?
Definitely. Otherwise I still wouldn’t be here. I would make the same decision again every time.

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