How Keita Lost Over 7Kg With The Fastest Adaptation I've Seen To Date

Keita, 21, Hult International Business School

Another one of my favourite body transformations in 2018. Keita might still be a student but his workload is getting close to the hustle so commonly experienced in The City. When we first met in September, we had a clear goal to attack - implement training and eating well into his lifestyle and drop some bodyweight of his 86kg that miraculously got added onto his body since moving to London. Here’s what happened within the first 10 weeks of our training:

Keita's lost 7,3kg of bodyweight and 7cm both in his waist and hips in those 10 weeks!

Superb numbers. His progress was so fast that between his consultation and the second session where we first saved the measurements into our tracking app, he’d already have lost 2.5kg of bodyweight as a result of optimising his nutrition. This took him precisely 2 weeks and he’s since gone onto a very effective body transformation journey.

And it doesn’t stop there. Apart from his impressive body composition change, we’ve also been able to rebalance the muscle around his hip joint to prevent lower back pain that normally creeps in after a few years of incorrect hip muscle set up. We’ve managed to massively improve his hamstring flexibility, strengthen his glutes and as a result build his deadlift up to 95kg. A lot of great results within such a short space of time.

Let's What Made This 10 Weeks So Successful!

Defining goals and motivation.
The so much needed pillar of everyone’s training. Thanks to our mutual understanding of Keita’s goals, needs, motivation and lifestyle, we’ve been able to make this process as effective as possible for him, making it not only results bearing but also sustainable.

Incredibly fast adaptability.
Keita has really implemented most of the things we’ve set up to do from day 1. Both training and nutrition were right where they needed to be from the start, which is why the progress started showing immediately. In the world where it’s so easy to get distracted this was the ultimate shortcut to success.

Systematic workouts.
We’ve set out to train well and that’s what we did. Keita pushed really well in his workouts and played football outside the workouts. Altogether 2 gym sessions and 1 football game per week contributed to his improved body composition, strength and fitness. We’ve managed to keep the intensity of the workouts on a good level as we started making progress.

Feedback on nutrition.
A big part of Keita’s results was his nutrition. From building an instant 5 minute knowledge foundation, which is really just one chart we need to understand if we want to make progress, to implementing it, taking some pictures of the food and drinks and then getting feedback on it. We’ve optimised Keita’s eating to the point where he eats well to get results but can still eat whatever he wants at certain points in the week or have a drink or two.

Staying focused and motivated.
Seeing some results every week has helped us stay on the path. When every week counts on the way to your ultimate goal and there’s a bit of progress, something gained all along, the process of transforming your body becomes a lot easier and also enjoyable.

Proven system. Great discipline from Keita. The numbers tell the story.

Keita’s Perspective On Things

Keita – I’ve always been a sport person in my life; playing different variety of sports since I was a kid. Football is my main sport and when I was in Bali, I played football 3x a week. Since I didn’t have any problem with my weight, I didn’t really care about what I eat. As you might be aware, we eat a lot of rice in Bali, Indonesia. I ate rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner; that’s hell a lot of carbs in one day. Although it didn’t really change my body shape, the misfortune started in 2015.

I had a broken ankle and a torn ligament that force me to stop playing any sport for a solid year. The doctor even told to me to rethink my decision to play football. With this decision, I became a bit stress with the fact that I can’t play football for a year, so I ate more than usual. Fast track to 2016 when I moved to London for university, I gain weight from 65 kg to 81 kg. Nothing really changes as I still have my habit of eating unhealthy food and it is harder to exercise in London. The moment of truth came when I went back to Bali in 2018 and my father told me that I gain some weight, which is something that he would never tell me.

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I decided to change my lifestyle for good, but I don’t know anything about gym and nutrition, so I googled personal trainer gym and Set In The City came out. I’ve read some of the testimony and I told myself, why not try it and see how it goes. I met Vlad, a cool Slovakian lad and since our first meeting, we’ve set my goal and motivation to achieve results. Although I was a bit sceptical about the change, I still believed that if you give your 100%, you can achieve anything.

With the first session, I was dead tired, but it was a nice feeling as it reminds me of my day in football training. Actually, the best part was my nutrition intakes. I love my unhealthy snacks and junk food, but the nutrition plan has force me to change the way I eat. I dislike it in the beginning but when time goes by, it just felt natural. The result: 86kg to 80 kg in four months! 10 kg to go!

Asking Keita About His Experience

So Keita, well done for the progress made in your first 10 weeks of training. Just for anyone who’s reading this to understand what has your training and progress been in the past?
I played indoor football once a week and that's all exercise I'd get in London. Sometimes I would do some extra exercise but I wouldn't change my diet which is something I've now learned is so important. I mainly just continued to live my life until I had to face the moment of truth. I also never worked with a PT before as I couldn't see the value at the beginning but now I see it, along with the results. My schedule is pretty typical of a student. I got classes every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00am until 06:30pm. I usually wake up a bit late as I love to sleep in, however I'm trying to change my sleep routine. On Tuesday and Friday, I usually do all my project and homework for classes and I relax on the weekend provided I'm finished with work.

What was the pivotal moment that made you think ok let’s do this?
When my father told me that I gained weight. He’s the type of person who doesn’t care about how I look but one day, he came up to me and said “you need to eat less. You gained some weight in London”. That’s when I realised that I need to start thinking about controlling my health.

What’s the most important factor for you when training?
Although I’m not the best example for this but as a sports person, discipline is everything. You need to be strict with your training and your nutrition intake. Without this, you wouldn’t see any results at all.

What about Sets In The City contributed to your achievements? What are your thoughts about training?
Vlad is amazing. I can approach him as a friend rather than a personal trainer. As I am new to the fitness industry, he taught me a lot of different exercises and gave me important advice. I think you need to enjoy on what you do and having someone that you can enjoy with is a plus point. His programme has certainly changed my lifestyle and I would 120% recommend him because he is really approachable and has vast experience in the fitness industry.

What is the greatest value training together has brought to you?
Changes in lifestyle and results. With the training, my perception of myself has changed. I’m able to control what I eat and drink now and I've also learned to cook healthy food. I've also gone through varied workouts and learned which exercise is useful for different parts of my body. To me, it is a long-term value that I can maximise.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice/tips for people in a similar position that you were in?
- Be ready for change! It is hard at first, but you will enjoy it
- Food intakes is everything. Without it, you can’t see any result
- Enjoy it! It is the time where you don’t need to think about work.

In your opinion who is Sets In The City perfect for?
Busy people who wants ‘real’ changes with no prior experience in the fitness industry.

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