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Our Online Coaching was created as a convenient, personal and results driven service for people wanting to get into shape, lose weight, build muscle and get fitter in The City.

It allows us to listen to your needs first, in order to craft a bespoke nutritional and training programme tailored to your needs and is supported by a great accountability system that's in place to make sure you follow the programme and don't give in to the obstacles of working and living in The City.

The system was built on the success of our 1-2-1 sessions working with busy people with City jobs and businesses and is the best you'll find anywhere on the internet.

And that is why we commit to only serve a select number of clients at any given point in time.

It is clear that Vlad has plenty of first hand experience of working with those of us struggling to balance all the demands in our life, and his stories and suggestions are an invaluable step towards making the right decisions!

Paolo Cuomo, COO, Charles Taylor Managing Agency

What Will I Get?


  • 2 Skype Coaching Sessions: During the weekly live 30 minute coaching sessions we will explore your goals, discuss your diet & workout plan, perform weigh ins (if applicable), and I’ll hold you accountable to keep you on track & motivated.
  • Workout Programme: Especially created with your needs such as your current fitness level, body type, goals, lifestyle, and available time in mind.
  • Nutrition Guidelines: Fully detailed and easy Meal Plan based on your individual goal, optimal caloric intake and body type.
  • Accountability System: If you’ve got questions and/or need further help, advice or clarification – VIP Email Support will be in touch within the next 12 hours.

Why Online Coaching?

  • Worldwide

    Online coaching sessions via Skype for clients around the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a Skype account.

  • Evidence Backed

    Marc is a qualified NLP personal & business coach has successfully coached 15.000+ people in the last 19 years!

  • Booking

    The online booking system allows you to book sessions 24/7, sends automated reminders & syncs with your calendar.

  • No Travel

    You don’t need to travel as online coaching can be in the comfort of your own home.

  • 1-2-1

    One to one coaching sessions guarantee a tailored approach in order to reach the best possible individual outcome.

  • PayPal

    Easy, risk free and secure online payments via PayPal.

Robert Robert, Asset Management Specialist

"I cannot stress enough what a valuable enabler Vlad has been for me to reach my goals. His great work is having a massive positive impact on my life."

James James, Executive Director

"I have been working with Vlad for about 12 weeks and during that time I have dropped from 86kg to 79kg!"  

How Can I Get Started?

  • 1. Order Your Plan

    Choose between 3 of my online coaching packages via my online shop.

  • 2. Fill In a Questionnaire

    Fill in the questionnaire you’ve received in the confirmation email.

  • 3. Schedule A Sessions

    Use the online booking system to schedule your coaching sessions.