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An Expert In Helping Men Over 30 In The City Who Are Short On Time And Low On Energy To Get In Shape, Feel Great, Look Great And Take Back Control

WARNING: If you're already in a phenomenal shape, have loads of time on your hands then don't waste your time reading this!

Dear Friend

If you're anything like my current clients, you're tired of being out of shape and always feeling low on energy.

*You're tired of not being happy with how you look anymore and getting out of breath easily.

* You're fed up with your tight trousers, expanding waistline and deteriorating health

*You're tired of turning away from people when taking your shirt off in the changing room.

*You're tired of feeling too unfit to keep up with your kids.

*You're tired of feeling older than you really are and being conscious of the fact that you're not the top game you used to be.

*You're tired of trying to do something about it but never doing this effectively, going on and off your training and not being disciplined with your eating or just not finding time to do anything about it at all - IT'S SO DAMN HARD WHEN YOU'RE CONSTANTLY STRESSED AND BUSY!

Every single man i have trained shares some if not all of the above feelings... So now I'm going to share with you something I have only previously shared with my personal training clients. I guess you could say that you will then have a glimpse of a system you could use to get in shape and keep in shape for life despite your busy lifestyle.

Hi, my name is Vlad

My name is Vlad Galbavy, owner of Sets In The City, 2 times Amazon published author and executive body transformation coach.

I own and run my PT business in The City Of London, train in the evenings with my girlfriend after work and travel the world for a week every 3 months.

I have written 2 books in 2013 and 2016 and have been endorsed by many experts in the fitness industry. I love what I do and in particular I help men take back control of their body and life.

James started at 86kg and got down to 79kg in 12 weeks!

Hamid dropped from 19% body fat to 11% in 8 weeks!

Dan put on 6kg of quality size in 12 weeks!

Gareth tripled his deadlift strength in 10 months to 180kg!

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Do You Really Want To Take Control Back?

Look at David's results above after his first 6 weeks of training with me. He now continues training consistently and is making even more progress ....

Here's what he said:

"With this approach I feel like I have real ownership of my lifestyle and can plan it in a way which works.  After 6 weeks I could feel the difference and know that this is an approach which can work for me for the long term."

Here are Hadriens's results in the first few months of his training. 12 months after that he eventually got down to 7,4% body fat!! ....

Here's what he said:

"Sets In The City really provides you with bespoke training that fits your lifestyle, perfect for anyone in the City looking to get some real results."

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More Guys That Have Transformed Their Bodies

"Vlad makes you do things that you probably wouldn't do yourself or push to levels that you wouldn't do if you were just training on your own."

"An effective way to improve yourself and achieve your objectives in a quick time frame."

"I cannot stress enough what a valuable enabler Vlad has been for me to reach my goals."

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