Ron's Journey To 5.6% Bodyfat Lost In 11 Weeks

Ron, 31, Pricing Director, Virtustream

Hey it’s Vlad. We’ve got yet another great body transformation coming through so wanted to share Ron’s brilliant results in 2019. When we sat down in January, one of Ron’s primary goals was to get some definition and flat abs so we set to watch the body fat % as our primary indicator of progress and here’s what happened:

From 24.7% down to 19.1%, Ron’s lost 5.6% body fat in 11 weeks.

Brilliant results. Just shows what’s possible when you put your mind to it. Especially as Ron wasn’t new to training which normally speeds up the results even more. He started the year with PB in deadlifts and moved into getting his waistline sorted to see his abs flat. All while juggling a few projects in and out of work.

Let's See How We Did It!

Setting up benchmarks and realistic goals.
In the lead up to Christmas, Ron’s number one training goal was increasing his strength on deadlifts which resulted in him lifting at his PB right after coming back from the Christmas break. Having achieved this new PB, he wanted to start 2019 strong and get his body fat low and abs lean.

Regular workouts and consistency.
Ron’s been very busy but managed to stick to our training plan and train well in our sessions as well as outside of them. The core of our sessions remained strength training while Ron’s own workouts had more variety. The combination worked really well and helped us get good results out of those first 12 weeks of 2019.

Sorting out nutrition.
While being conscious about healthy eating before, we’ve set up to take Ron’s nutrition to a yet higher level and turn healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) eating into goal specific eating with the end goal of decreasing his body fat. This was one of the major changes to his previous training.

Having a weekly body scan.
One of the most powerful feedback mechanisms in our training was seeing the results of Ron’s last 7 days in the form a body scan. The combination of training and eating would result in good weekly numbers that would encourage Ron to stick to his winning protocol. If the numbers didn’t show progress, it was an opportunity to reflect, adjust and improve.

We’ve focused on getting all nutrients from the foods rather than supplements. The only supplement we’ve used was a protein powder for it’s convenient use in the mornings. We’ve used no pre-workout supplements and no fat burners.

A very important component of Ron’s success in these few weeks was his attitude, approach and mindset. He’s managed to keep his eyes on the ball despite being busy both personally and professionally and he’s done it for the whole duration of the programme. The difference was his understanding of what place these results had in his life in this period.

Great focus. Great results. What a way to start the year.

Ron’s Perspective On Things

Ron – I started working at a startup back in 2016. after a couple of years I began to notice that the travel, the long and erratic hours started to take a toll on my body, mind and personal life! Coming to this realisation I joined Virgin Gym. At some point, I used their biometric tool to analyse my body, it said I was hidden obese! The Dark, stark realty hit me in the face. 

This drove me to going fairly frequently, mostly doing cardio, sometimes trying the assisted weights. I wasn’t familiar with free weights so i stayed away. I didn’t have the confidence to try these, worrying I may look like a fool, or worse, I may damage my body. After a semi-good start, i shortly found myself incurring a high monthly membership fee and no return. in fact, I had loss all momentum and was paying for the gym with little to no attendance!

In the middle of last year I knew I had to change my game! I reminded myself why I  started this journey and knew I had to seek some trusted, expert help. This is where I was recommend Vlad. I still vividly remember our first meet, it wasn’t at the gym, instead a coffee shop. This is where Vlad explained to me, “to win at the gym, you need to win in your mind”. We spent the rest of hour mapping out my gym goals and why there were important. we went really deep into them.

This helped identify my real reasons for going to the gym, with some important dates. but also, surprisingly it refocused me on my personal goals! This was an invaluable experience, and not what I expected!

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By the end of last year, I had been training with Vlad for 6months. I was using 90% of the gym, cables, Smith machine, free squats, dead lifts... Dead lifts! I love dead lifts, I started from 40kg to 102kg by the end of the year! This felt Amazing! From being, let’s be honest, scared to use any free weights, to this! It was a great achievement.

I was doing all of this in my PT session AND then going back and practicing the technique in virgin gym during the week. With 100% confidence. I felt good!

After the new year, we had another short coaching session and identified new goals, body fat reduction! Starting with a strict diet, low carbs and 6 + 1. This was hard, with many temptations to slip. but with Vlads coaching every week, I was able to be meticulous, (also able to find nice healthy recipes) and I was able to lose over 5% body fat. A fantastic achievement. everyone I meet know comments on the transformation I made, it’s a great sense of achievement. Thank you Vlad.

Now, one of things I haven’t discussed much is the benefits of this whole process on the mind. by achieving that discipline, that routine, my mind became stronger, I had clearer thoughts, I was more focused. This strong routine allowed me to achieve what I wanted with my body, at work and at home! If you want to achieve any of these three I highly recommend Vlad.

Best of luck.

Ronak Dattani

Asking Ron About His Experience

So Ron, well done for the results in 2019 so far. Just for anyone who’s reading this to understand, have you ever had a run like this before?
No, the momentum we achieved was fantastic!

What were you doing before and what were you doing to deal with this specifically?
I was irregularly going to the gym, mainly focusing on cardio.

What were your main obstacles?
I thought time was one, but it wasn’t, it was my mind! 

What is your lifestyle like - can you describe what your typical week looks like?
Late hours in the office, travelling across Europe,  America , Middle East for work, and also juggling a personal business. 

What was the pivotal moment that made you think ok it’s time to get lean for real, let’s do this?
It was when bodimatrix told me I was hidden obese, and when I lost focus at going to gym by myself 

What happened that made you decide to commit to seeing this drop in your body fat?
Honestly, I thought I wanted to be able to wear T-shirt without a bulge, I wanted to go the pool with flat abs, but deep down it was also confidence.

What about training together contributed to your achievements?
Food, mind and focus! Not in any order, all important as each other.

How does having accomplished something like this change things for you?
I have a much better routine, my mind is clear, and I have much better confidence thanks to my new physique!

What are your top 3 pieces of advice/tips for people in a similar position that you were in?
It’s hard work, you have to be committed, but once you get that momentum, ride it! Don’t slip!! 

In your opinion who is Sets In The City perfect for?
Someone who has a busy schedule, someone who thinks they don’t have enough hours in the day to achieve their ideal body physique.

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