Every good training programme is built on basic foundations. From training concepts to exercise form, warm ups, stretches and everything relevant to your next 12 weeks. Watch the training masterclass to understand how to train, when to train, what intensity to use, what to do when the gym is too busy to follow the programme and much more. This video is the basic foundation that will serve you not only for the next 12 weeks but for the rest of your life.


Please watch the video to see how to do your warm ups. The reason for doing these is explained in the Masterclass. Pick 5-6 exercises from the video below and do them as a part of your warm up right before your workout.


Pick 3 exercises from your 12 week programme and focus on progressing in those. Watch the video below to see which exercises are suitable for picking and what progression levels they offer. Your coach will help you with this.


Watch the guide to stretching below. If your programme tells you which muscle to stretch primarily focus on those first. Otherwise stretch all muscle used during your workout with a 20-30 second hold in the stretched position.