How Kumar Lost 15Kg in 7 Months Despite Failing In The Past

Kumar, 29, Amazon

The best body transformation of 2019. So I met Kumar in April 2019 and when we met he had a terrible record for both his food and exercise. Eating badly for years while living in The States, very much into partying, great lifestyle. But never had any success with any gym or any training. He did some high intensity training in a group class before but even then never successfully managed to keep any consistency let alone get good results. So when we first started training he wasn't really sure he could do it. But!

Kumar's lost 10kg of body fat in the first 15 weeks of his training!!

That is superb! Especially because he's had problems with discipline and laziness in the past. But seeing first results very quickly he's become hooked and not stopped since. At first he lost 5.2kg in the first 7 weeks, then it became 10kg in 15 weeks and later on 15kg in 7 months.

And it doesn’t stop there. His new target now is to reach 15% body fat so he's got visible lines on his abs. But before he even gets there, his body transformation is already having a very positive impact on his daily life. He got promoted at work, more focused, disciplined and clear minded about his next personal steps and he's also collected a lot of respect for his transformation from his friends and family.

Let's What Made This 10 Weeks So Successful!

Defining goals and motivation.
Before we started training we sat down to figure out exactly what Kumar's after, what's driving him and how to best cut out a programme to take him from where he was to where he wanted to be. This conversation alone has been a great foundation for his success.

Proven system.
Utilising everything we've learnt with my other clients over the last 5 years, Kumar was able to plug into the framework very quickly and start applying the winning concepts from day 1. We left nothing to a chance and hit all benchmarks as predicted.

Incredible smarts.
This is the one I've been the most impressed with. Kumar knew that his best mates were a constant invitation to every day partying. So he's involved them in his transformation and made them join in on the training and eating every week. As a result they still kept partying together even though slightly reduced and everyone ended up in a better shape.

Desire to understand.
Once Kumar knew the framework he started a search for understanding the details. How come berries are fine but mango is not? How come 3 hours a week are enough as opposed to 2 hours per day as he thought? How come he's getting those impressive results with a lot less effort than he thought and what can he do to keep it that way? Learning about these things kept him highly interested and he was able to understand exactly how all of what we're doing affects his body in one way or another.

Building great habits.
The interesting thing in Kumar's transformation was that he previously had some destructive eating and lifestyle habits that were likely to set him back. But following the programme for the first 3 weeks and seeing the first 3kg drop off, made him stick to the plan which translated into new habits that he's kept every since.

Freedom to experiment.
The framework itself leaves a lot of space for experiments and Kumar took advantage of this. He tried a bit of fasting for health purposes and he also tried having a 4000+ calorie days full of beer, ice cream and bread. Neither of which set him back from reaching his results.

Kumar’s Perspective On Things

Kumar – I've always been a chubby kid. Never was I fit ever in my life and it got to a point where I was getting really fat, I was overweight and I would start huffing and puffing when walking stairs (I used to smoke cigarettes too). It was also affecting my performance at work and other things that I did. I wasn't having enough energy to do the things I wanted to do. So I tried a couple of different high intensity class type programmes when I lived in Seattle and it did help but I wasn't consistent with it because it wasn't really structured I didn't have any goals and didn't know what I was getting to. It was more like let's go to the class and burn some calories and that was it.

Earlier this year though, something needed to happen drastically for me to get to my goals because if I had continued on the path that I was going which is drinking, eating anything I want and partying I would have got my health to such a bad state where the amount of full healthy years in me would be probably less than 10 and that's it.. and after that it would have been like medical problems, popping pills and managing my health symptoms and health problems - not living a full life anymore. And I realised I didn't want that but wanted to turn the time back instead so I could feel 22 again.

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The immediate challenge was that I'm a very social person so if I'm with a group of friends I almost forget about myself and become part of the group and I needed to get out of that setting because I became this person that was just chilling and partying all the time to the point where it was kind of destructive and focusing on my fitness, health and shape was the best thing for me to do.

And also, looking back, I think the thing that influenced me the most on my journey was the film Fight Club that started me of on my journey away from my mindless lifestyle towards making the most out of my life and my body was obviously going to play a major role in that. And so one day I was looking through google for some help with getting in shape, filled out the form, got a call from Vlad, showed up to meet him and we then discussed how this was going to happen and from then on I was quite happy to follow.

Asking Kumar About His Experience

So Kumar, well done for the phenomenal progress made since we started. Just for anyone who’s reading this to understand what has your training and progress been in the past?
So I used to do all of these fitness classes, Orange Theory was one of them, and when I worked out a lot then I would feel like going out, drinking and eating more. All of it just undoing the workout I just did so I never saw results and didn't even know how to get to the shape that I wanted to be.

What epiphany did you have that changed things for you and put you on the right track?
I think the major thing was that what you eat determines the outcome of what you see. Workout is going to help you get there sooner or later but the more important part is what you eat. When you spoke about hey, 6 days a week eat like this and then 1 day a week do whatever you want I don't care. When I heard that I was like I've never tried that maybe I should do it. And at first I thought but it sounds hard I don't know if I'll be able to do it but then you walked me into the grocery shop and showed me ok eat this, don't eat this and I really needed that. That was brilliant and from that moment I could see it for myself.

What was your initial progress once we started training together?
So after the first 2-3 weeks of training and eating this way I started seeing increase in mental focus and energy, physically I was a bit lower on energy but then I got used to that as well. And man, that was life changing. Fast forward now, I think the 6+1 so eating no rubbish for 6 days and eating whatever I want on 1 day works incredibly well.

What is the end result of all the work and effort you've put into this?
So in 20 weeks I've lost from 109kg to 96kg which is the biggest success that I've seen on myself ever. But more than the physical accomplishment what I've accomplished is being consistent and I'm seeing the benefit of this in other things like learning some new things, picking a new project or whatever your goal is. I'm simply more consistent with everything. And I would say that's a big transformation for me because earlier when I was thinking about doing something it was just thoughts and I would never execute. But now things are moving forward on all fronts and I simply get stuff done.

Do you think getting similar results is possible for people who are busy both professionally and personally?
I think that no matter how busy you are or how tight your schedule is or even if you have lots of free time if you get into training and eating right you can get your own sort of results and you can do at least 50% more with your life compared to what you're doing now. And the time you spend training and eating better will ultimately give you more time because you're razor focused this way and things take you less time to complete.

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