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  • Training, nutrition and lifestyle analysis
  • Self image evaluation and core value assessment
  • Quick workout based on those above
  • Strategy planning to get you to your goals

The combination of the elements above is the perfect kick start for you to finally refocus, regain your perspective on your body and start making progress with it straight away! The best thing you'll ever do for your body.

"I cannot stress enough what a valuable enabler Vlad has been for me to reach my goals."
Robert Sciberras,  Asset Management Specialist

If you're a man over 30 working in The City and you haven't had any progress with your body lately then this session is a perfect fit for you. Act NOW and apply by clicking on the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How is Online PT better than 1-2-1 Personal Training?

    A.It’s not necessarily better or worse. Some people prefer one over the other. Also depends on the level of support you need.

  • Q.What if my gym hasn't got the same equipment?

    A.We always try to create programmes that can be done with the equipment available. If there is an exercise you can’t do, just let us know and we’ll adjust your programme accordingly.

  • Q.What if I'm travelling a lot and don't always have access to the same gym and equipment?

    A.Let us know and we will provide you with a personalised travel workout programme that will meet your needs.

  • Q.What if I don't know how to do an exercise?

    A.All exercises are accompanied with their video demonstrations right in MyPThub so whenever you’re not sure how to do some exercises properly, you can check right during the workout and see it performed perfectly.

  • Q.How does Online PT with Sets In The City work?

    A.First fill in the enquiry form above to book yourself into a consultation. Once we’ve confirmed our Online PT programme is a perfect fit for you, you will then be provided with payment instructions and sent your programme so you can start the following Monday.

  • Q.I haven't done any exercise in a long time, can I still start with this?

    A.Of course. All our programmes are highly personalised to your goals and circumstances. If you haven’t been too active lately, let us know in the questionnaire and we’ll build your programme accordingly.

  • Q.Will MyPTHub work on my device?

    A.MyPTHub works on all iOS and Android devices. If your phone runs on a different operation system do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about alternative options.

  • Q.How do I cancel my account?

    A.Your account will be closed automatically within a week after your 3 month or 1 year period. If you wish to continue with another 3 month or 1 year period, your account will stay open until you stop training with us.

  • Q.What's the advantage of 1 Year subscription?

    A.Our 1 Year subscription comes with 4 in house sessions that you can use anytime within the whole length of the year if you live or work locally or even if you live further but are willing to travel.