Your Goals

Starting Point: 68,8kg bodyweight, 20,1% bodyfat
Desired Goal: 13% bodyfat
Timeframe: end of August

Your 12 Weeks To 5 Percent.

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Things To Do Before Starting:

  • Read the set up email
  • Download MyPTHub
  • Set up food gallery sharing
  • Book your 1st check in

Week 1

Week 1 Training Feedback

Week 1 Notes:
Well done for last week. The things to do in week 2 are changing the yoghurt to high protein one, taking a progress picture, ordering the tape measure and increasing the weight on these lifts: deadlifts, standing military press, lateral raises, cable row, hip thrusts (go 20 reps), front raise, ab rollout (try left, front, right, repeat). If you can get protein up to 120g a day that would be great. Keep it up! Good work so far!

Week 2

Week 2 Training Feedback

Week 3

Week 3 Training Feedback

Week 3 Notes:

Week 4

Week 4 Notes:

Week 4 Training Feedback

Week 5

Week 6

Week 6 Notes:

Week 6 Training Feedback

Week 7

Week 7 Notes:

Week 7 Training Feedback

Week 8

Week 8 Notes:

Week 8 Training Feedback

Week 9

Week 9 Notes:

Week 9 Training Feedback

Week 10

Week 10 Notes:

Week 10 Training Feedback

Week 11

Week 11 Notes:

Week 11 Training Feedback

Week 12

Week 12 Notes:

Week 12 Training Feedback