"How To Lose 5% Body Fat Or 5kg Bodyweight Within 12 Weeks"

A Body Transformation Session That Helps To Map It Out For You

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Do You Really Want To Take Control Back?

Hi there, I'm Vlad, the founder of Sets In The City, 2 times Amazon published author and executive body transformation coach. I have written 2 books in 2013 and 2016 and been endorsed by many experts of the fitness industry. I love what I do, help busy city professionals take back control of their body. 

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Why Is This Session Your

'Necker Island Opportunity'?

Because similarly to Richard Branson paying only $180k for his island instead of $6M asking price back in 1978, you can have a way to getting in shape for the fraction of the time and effort people  normally think is possible. How? By following these 3 simple proven steps that helped 71 of my clients transform their body and massively improve their life:

                  1. Workout 3x Per Week                 

                                2. Eat 6+1                                   

        3. Stay Accountable To Your Goals       

This session will help you take these proven principles and apply them to your life so your 5% bodyfat or 5kg bodyweight change can become a reality within the next 12 weeks.

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