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Before you proceed, I'd like to offer you something special, tailored to your needs...

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Customise Your Programme To Fit Your Needs!

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Here's How It Works

Once you take me up on this offer you get a confirmation email of your order containing a link to book your phone consultation slot. I will then personally call you to map out the situation with you and confirm how you want your programme customised. The consultation takes about 30 minutes and the programme is then sent to you and uploaded to MyPTHub within 5 working days. Once it's in MyPTHub you can start using your custom made programme.

6 Issues Customising Your Plan Can Greatly Help With

I only have access to limited equipment.
The programme you've just purchased is built on exercises you will be able to do in all big brand public gyms. If you’re using a smaller gym however with limited equipment, or you’re training at home, out of your garage and would like to have a programme specifically using equipment you’ve got available at your convenience, customisation is absolutely perfect for you.

I can't do certain exercises because of an injury or movement restriction.
Your programme is already well balanced focusing on your body in a balanced way. In case of injuries or movement restrictions, some exercises in the programme might not be the right fit for your training and your needs. If this is the case, customising your workout programme can make a massive difference between stimulating your body for progress and causing yourself injuries.

I also want to work on my fitness, mobility or other things.
The programme is built only around strength and size of your muscle as the main focus. As we all have different goals and reasons for training, it is very likely that you might have other areas you would like to focus on, like mobility, getting rid of back or neck pain, building explosive power for sport or anything else. Customising this programme so it fits other things you do and goals you chase is a very wise choice here.

I want to focus on certain parts of my body more than the other.
It could be your legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms, abs… Whichever part you want to focus on more, you will benefit from customising your programme to best address that muscle group. Choosing the right extra exercises and frequency of training these muscle groups is always a very hot topic. Customising your workout programme is definitely recommended here.

I often travel with limited access to gym or fitness centre.
Customising your workout plan is a great solution here as your travelling won’t mean an interruption or a downgrade to the quality of your training. You can have an emergency bodyweight workout at hand or simple gym travel workout focusing on equipment you will always have available in every gym so you can protect your momentum while away.

I simply want my programme tailor made with expert advice.
Always a great angle. While your programme is built to satisfy all your needs for building lean and strong muscle, you might want to take this to another level with the confidence that what you’re doing is absolutely the best you could be doing in your situation. Maximising every single exercise on your programme, completely tailor made to your body.


 “It is clear that Vlad has plenty of first hand experience of working with those of us struggling to balance all the demands in our life, and his stories and suggestions and an invaluable step towards making the right decisions.”
Paulo Cuomo,
Principal at The Boston Consulting Group

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Customise Your Programme To Fit Your Needs!

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